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I’m a qualified Astrologer and Tarot reader based in Budapest (Hungary). Besides the methods of the classic Western Astrology I rely on Jungian Psychology for a deeper insight.








How did I benefit from Astrology?

I was attracted to the world of mistery, dreams, mythology and tales since my early childhood. However I didn’t want to become a spiritual advisor. I started studying Astrology, Tarot and Jungian Psychology in my early twenties to find answers to my own questions. By the end of the four years Astrology school I completed in 1997 ( Baktay Ervin Institute of Astrology , Budapest) I realised that it was one of the best investments of my life.

However, I launched my individual praxis of life coaching much later, some years after my first Saturn return, in 2003. I was aware that before I give pieces of advice for others, I must apply the aquired knowledge succesfully on myself. First I have to use my Astrological studies for improving the quality of my own life, to raise my own level of awareness.


How can an In-Depth Astrological Reading Help You ?

The natal chart can be regarded as the map of our life. It gives an insight in our personality,orientation, drive, and patterns of behaviour, ways of self expression lifestyle, activity, etc. Thus a mature approach to our natal chart helps us to develope effectively our innate potentials.By understanding the blueprint of our life, we can modify a number of factors previously considered “unchangeable”, which brings significant breakthroughs and improvements.


Finding a Happy-Enough Relationship with the Help of the Astrology

I don ‘t deny the existence of the soul-mates and twin flames. However, the current trends of spirituality overemphasize their importance. This, at a given moment becomes an obstacle in itself in establishing healthy relationships, as it sets Everest -sized expectations in all of us when we are looking for eligible partners.




Tarot cards work as a bridges between our conscious and unconscious knowledge. The colourful images act as mirrors reflecting things that the unconscious mind already knows and feeding this information through the conscious mind. Thus a Tarot cards are precious tools in everday life, whenever we need a quick and intuitive understanding of a person or a situation.


Tarot Readings with Astrological Background

Both Astrology and Tarot are parts of the Western esoteric tradition. Although they are very different methods, their combination gives a clearer picture about a person, a situation or an interaction.

One Card Readings: More Confusion than Clarity

Tarot cards (in fact all the cards,including Gypsy Cards, Lenormand Cards, Angel Cards, etc) work on the principle of bringing to surface the contents of the unconscious. The unconscious stores the memories of the past, the tendencies of the future, our hopes, fears, expectations and projections. Only a whole spread (a special arrangement of the cards during a reading) can reflect the complexity of these interrelations so that we can make conclusions about the possible outcomes. Thus Tarot spreads can be seen as the text messages of our unconscious. Trying to understand a situation, the dynamics of a relationship from a single card is as if we tried to understand the content of the whole text message by pulling out a single letter from it.




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